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About KellyPlanetAh, yes, another ‘about’ page. I hate writing these things. Well, I am Eric Kelly and has existed in one form or another for many years. Initially, my intention was to create a website independent of social media to share what was going on with family and friends far and wide. But things change. Now (as well as other sites we develop) are interconnected with a vast range of functions all over the internet. Eric Kelly

KellyPlanet is located in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania – I moved to Tioga County in 2008 and absolutely love it here. This site has been home to my IT service, design house, and other aspects of what I have been involved in over the years. Now, more simply (or perhaps not), encompasses everything that goes on in my world – and that is a lot.

As you may have noticed, I work with web and technology, design and media, advertising and promotion and all kinds of other services. I am also a radio host – you can hear my radio shows on KC 101.5 FM seven days a week.

PRONOUN GRAMMER – since I compose 99% of everything you read on, the decision arises whether to use “I” or “we” and you will find that I use both. This may not seem like a big deal, but I find it causes an issue and use “we” most of the time because I find that “I” seems too narcissistic. It may seem like I am referring to myself in the third person, but it is what it is.




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The Oldies on KC101! Give me a call 662.9000... Westy's on his way! @ Hometown Country Radio…

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