OctoberTime 2016

Even as the King of Halloween, sometimes things need to be scaled back for a season to re-group. I did, however, get to attend a few haunted attractions and created over a dozen pumpkin decorations this year.  This year’s designs included the use of tattoo machines and pigments to enhance the existing techniques I already use. Trick or Treat was extremely scaled down, though I did manage to give out over a thousand pieces of candy anyway. The annual Halloween party at The Mug was huge as usual and a really great time. Thank you to everyone who attended Trick or Treat, The Mega Party, and all the other fun events during OctoberTime.

Pumpkins 2016

PUMPKIN WORK 2016: MVR Logo for Mountain Valley Realty — PBR Logo Replica for Your Mama’s Mug — RONMAN because tradition — Texas for JR Alford — Philadelphia Eagles Logo for my dad — Jokers Cards of the Dark Carnival for ME — SLAYER Logo for Rob Whittemore — DJ Kamel Toe Logo for Zach Schumacher — RR Tribal Logo w/ Glitter for Ronda — Howard Hanna Realty Logo

Looking forward to OctoberTime 2017!!!

Eric Kelly

The King of Halloween

221 days until Halloween 2017
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